Julee Frey Wilke 1955 ~

Ok, I agree, the title is a bit morbid. But stop and think about it ... it's the hyphen that counts. The hyphen is where relationships are made or broken. The hyphen is where stories are told or swept under the rug. It's where time is cherished or frittered away. The hyphen is where life is lived.

I deleted my personal fb page. The news feed was invading my hyphen, and I could not control myself. What I meant to say, if I'm being honest is, I chose not to control myself.

Facebook afforded me many good experiences, but I'm sorry to say I lost a few relationships because of words typed in a vacuum of pride and self-defense, and/or words of honesty and caring left untyped.

The title is deceiving; face book. There is nothing face to face about it. I'd love to go back and undo but it would have to be in person. I want to have a relationship with you,  just not a fb one.

I'm firing up the blog again, in a newsy, friendly, look-at-my-darling-grandkids, here's-what-I'm-reading, sort of way. I did keep my business website and blog, Instagram, Pinterest and STORIES Photography fb, for business reasons.

So ring me up,  I've only had; two phone numbers, lived at two addresses, and kept one e-mail address. God bless you as you continue on the journey and I hope to see you on down the road.

When it does come time to add another date, I want so much more than a hyphen. I want it to say,

Julee Frey Wilke, 1955 'She lived this earthly life to the full' {ending date}.