I'm embarrassed to say that this is mostly my "stuff" in the above picture, so I'm not judging anyone here. "Stuff" can kill ya. At the very least, it can strangle and leave you gasping for breath.

I've started following a blog called "Becoming Minimalist" and that is what I'm fixin' to do.

I am not a fan of clutter, never have been.  But my minimalist friend said something that will be my new motto for 2017; "don't just declutter, deown."

Listen to me when I say, "stuff" costs way more than what you paid for it.

I've already taken down one household, so I am qualified to take down some more.

After all, you can't take it with you.

Stay tuned, and keep an eye out for eBay, Craig's, and Airbnb listings, a household auction bill, a barn sale sign, trailer for sale or rent, and a rustic venue realtor may or may not be involved. 

It's time.  

We're movin' on up.


God Bless America

This will be all I say about the 2016 Election:

And I will say it here because I've already blocked/restricted/defriended the disrespectful and blatant babbling off my newsfeed. Both Trump and Clinton friends and even family.

1. The popular vote is just over 1/2 a million difference. Gary Johnson received over 4 million votes... MY VOTE DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

2. A 2 party system... 2 choices ... really America? Get your shit together.

3. Here I am above, in front of the white house and the capitol building.  I chose red on purpose. I'm thinking about going green.

Here's the kind of Republican I was/am even tho I didn't vote R for president.
I was/am the kind of republican:
  • who doesn't believe in abortion, but I would never in a million years believe that there are "abortion lovers" out there. 
  • who would never vote on one issue
  • who does not live in fear
  • who believes that black lives matter and who has a staunch respect for police officers
  • who would invite refugees from any country into my home
  • who loves this planet and does my part to take care of it
  • who would photograph anyone's wedding
  • who thinks it is wonderful that a girl wearing a hijab is now a "cover girl" girl
  • who will still and always has used the bathrooms at Target
  • who believes our veterans deserve more
  • who thinks there is way too much government in our lives
  • who has some ideas and thoughts on social security overhauls and a flat tax
  • who has always referred to the current president as President Obama
  • who is extremely patriotic and stands up (sometimes even in my living room) when the National Anthem or the Hallelujah Chorus is played)
  • who cried when George and Barbara Bush walked down the stairs to leave the building
  • who has always had a great respect for President Bush W and, still to this day, believes that maybe there WERE WMD's but they somehow got moved before inspections
  • who strongly believes in government fiscal and social responsibility
  • who will always vote policy over personality
  • will call Mr. Trump ... President Trump ... and will NOT listen to anyone's disrespect of the office of president or first lady
  • will keep praying for the Obama family and will start praying for the Trump family

What does it mean when it says;
"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." Romans 13:1