Charmed, I'm Sure

Just finished pimping out my mom and dad's florida trailer with "Their Story"  we're still looking for a couple of key items, but basically we've made the living room and porch a giant scrapbook of family and faces.

As I collect photos, sayings, songs, and verses to mix together in my year-end video recipe, I am overcome with God's goodness to me.  I most definitely lead a charmed and blessed life.  And yet, I've noticed and stated before on here ... "the storms shape us".  To God be the glory, whether smooth sailing or rough seas.

The Acts of the Apostles 12:5-18

God is primarily concerned with receiving glory from our lives. Perhaps the daunting circumstances you are facing are just a platform from which God desires to demonstrate a mighty miracle to an unbelieving world. The eyes of God are going to and fro throughout the earth looking for someone through whom He can show himself mighty. He wants to receive glory through your sickness. He wants to receive praise through your financial emergency. He wants to receive honor through your family situation. Call upon the Lord. Inquire of Him. Ask Him what He thinks and desires. Don’t deprive Him of the opportunity to be your “very present help in trouble.” Don’t lean on the arm of the flesh…don’t dig your own grave. ~ Daniel Kolenda

I'll take the storms, because I want my miracles.


Lions And Tigers And Redwings, Oh My

I just wanted to write you a quick note and explain a couple things. You both will draw from an eclectic sports background: baseball, dance team, soccer, JV tennis, and, of course, your parents will let you choose what kind, if any sports lifestyle you'll lead.  But I'm positive they'll set some strict guidelines as far as fanship goes in the family.  For instance, Lilly you probably won't be able to pick MSU over U of M, whereas, green or blue won't matter much with your family Max. Thankfully, though for you Max, the Colts and Lions both have blue in their blood. And because your dad went 4 years without an error in his hoosier college heydays, we'll forgive you in advance, if Indiana ever gets a major league baseball team.

Grandma Juls and Grandpa Grover have always been fans.  Grandpa Grover watched it all on his transistor radio when he was a kid. He can still foretell, "base hit/ that's gone," at the crack of the bat.

Actually, your great grandpa Lloyd and great grandma Thelma still listen to the Cubs on a transistor radio and it's 2011.

Even though the trumpet was my forte and I played mostly Gilboa intramurels, I smacked base hits with the best of 'em (the boys).  *FYI from coach grandma Juls--which I learned from my 6th grade homeroom teacher Mrs. Carmichael, "Don't ever take your eye off the ball."

My first major league game, came in 6th grade, when my best friend's dad took us to Wrigley.  He bought us peanuts and cracker jacks, and hot dogs, and souvenirs.  In the early eighty's, namely '84, I switched over to the Tigers, but the Cubs still make great white noise for summer afternoon naps.

Along with Disneyworld, grandpa and I will most definitely want to do some major league trips with you guys.  We're biased towards Wrigley and Comerica but are open to Boston, New York, Atlanta, or maybe even California stadiums.

The baseball vein runs even deeper than us.  Great grandma's older brothers used to make their younger brother (my Uncle Sam) stay up by the barn and listen to the Cubs on the radio, while they were working out in the fields.  When the Cubs were ahead, they were to open the barn doors and when they were losing they would shut them.

Grandpa and I always liked to chat with Uncle Sam at family reunions because he was a diehard Tiger fan.
This confused us because all the Bauer boys were big time Cubs fans, still are.  One time, not too very long ago, I asked Uncle Sam how this came to be.  He said, "Well when we played ball, the older boys would get to be the "Cubs". And so he'd choose the Tigers by default. Pretty sure Uncle Sam got the better end of that deal!

Tonight we will hang out with Uncle Sam and his kids (my 1st cousins) while we watch the Tigers play Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

Two things are certain:  We'll serve hot dogs and apple pie and no matter if you two choose to play sports or the piano, we'll always be your biggest fans.