Are we having fun yet?

I don't know about you but in my humble opinion the answer to the question is an emphatic yes! In fact, since that humid summer day in 1979 when you arrived on the scene the fun just hasn't stopped. Reflect today and take a moment to count your blessings and reminisce about the fact that you have already lived some of your dreams and then look ahead, for I'm sure the best is yet to come. I know I speak for your Dad, too, when I say we are totally and completely proud to call you our son. You have entertained this audience of 2 since day one. And now, as you enter your 26th year...live, share, care, learn and most importantly, love. Happy Birthday and God bless you Benjamin.


Get Here

The perfect journey is circular ~ The excitement of departure and the joy of the return ~ Dino Basili

Back in the good 'ole USA. What I'm presuming to be her flight just touched down in Chicago. I can picture everyone standing and stretching and then starting to jockey for position to get their carry-on's out of the overhead. It always seems like such a long wait until the line starts to move. Then finding their baggage claim and the ever so slow carousel. Her bright red suitcase with the lime green bow tired around it will not be hard to spot. I wonder if she's thinking about how final the good-byes will be tonight as she leaves that parking lot. They've always had Brazil in front of them to ward off the inevitable. I wonder how her and I will ever handle the fall.



Happy Birthday Nic and Chelsea

#1 I am frantically working on a video montage of Melissa & Company. I have already nailed down songs for baby, girlfriends, funny, sentimental, leaving and, of course, family. The boy friends (and I use the term lightly) are throwing me for a loop! Great photos! Any suggestions for music would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I've already thought of, and passed on Ben Folds~ Songs For Silverman ~ yeah, you know which one I'm talking about. Why Ya Gotta Act Like Ya Know When Ya Don't Know?

#2 I wonder if Melissa remembers that when Jen returned from her choir trip we hung "Welcome Home" banners over the whole garage door and ordered a balloon bouquet that actually caused her to levitate somewhat.

#3 Contemplating selling a small car and/or dog and installing central air.

#4 Maybe I should go into the matchmaking business? Oh, the things that go on in my head...there isn't enough paper or gigabytes. 

WARNING: Stop reading now.

#5 Hey all you big pharmaceutical companies....stop working on these drugs: 1) side effect=death. 2) making things appear larger than they are or last longer than is humanly called for, and start working on something that will actually work on my PMS.

I warned you.



Looks like we have a series
We could use the rain
I'm gonna call her.
I need a vacation.
I have to stop coveting...it's a ten commandment, for crying out loud.
People need to stop power tripping.
Note to evening tempuratures: stay at 50 F. or above
Did I mention that I have a white picket fence
Why does Frosty O have to be on the way to the beach
This font is called QuickType...didn't seem any faster
I do not feel the need to cook, even though the Open House's have dwindled
Obrigado, I'll be here all week

How am I doing? Thanks for asking.....I think I'm gonna make it....the staples show in the middle of the itinerary and my friend bought milk that expires after they return. Jen is home for a week and that helps with my denial. Baby Aidan has had his first trip to the ER and the prognosis is good. Suddenly the Pistons don't seem to matter. I got to spend Father's Day with my dad while Jen pranced around with a bow on her head all day, Ben called and said he would make Monday Father's Day, and the baby called from Brazil. Perfect. It won't always be this way, so I'm living out loud for now!

Tue - June 21, 2005

Our hope is in the Lord, He is our help, our shield to protect us. We rejoice in him, because we trust his holy name. Lord show your love to us as we put our hope in you. Do not be afraid. Be strong and courageous. Don't be frightened because the Lord your God will go with you. He will not leave you or forget you. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Psalm 33:20-22 
Deuteronomy 31:6
Hebrews 13:8

If you read this and feel compelled, pray for baby Aidan. He's struggling with a heart condition called Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT)...even the abbreviation sounds like too much of a label to put on the new little guy. Anything else I would have to vent or discuss on here seems trivial until we have some stable news.

Sat - June 25, 2005

The baby is home from the hospital with a bit of medication and a stethoscope. I can't imagine what it's been like to sit and sleep in a chair by your helpless little two-week old. And I would also imagine the catch-up sleep at home will be intermittent, at best, for a while. But just think of the stories you'll have to tell. God bless. Can't wait to meet the tiny fighter. 

An era has ended. Billy Graham is preaching his last evangelistic crusade in New York City. His simple gospel message has disintegrated boundaries, reached the furtherest borders, and crossed all cultures. He preached without judging and spoke the truth without stepping on very many toes. He also walked his talk and lived on the side of a mountain and led a simplistic life. No mansions or mercedes. I believe faith has to be a journey and I was always convicted by his invitation to come to Jesus just as I am. I'm positive there are countless thousands who, when flicking through the channels, came to believe by just simply believing. No religious ceremony. No ritualistic mass. No confirmation or baptism. No manmade rules. Just as I am. Whoever will replace him?

I am enjoying a houseful of children and friends, once again. Jen set her goals high for vacation and spent time at the beach every day. She is excited to get back to camp, and is totally geeked for Melissa to get there and experience "Springhill" once again. Ben and a carload, including Annie, came in last night for a day and 1/2. Last year when they came it was go, go, go and do, do, do! This year, naps seem to be the activity of choice. Not sure if camp is ready for all three. The stories are starting to trickle in from Brazil and it sounds like just what we wished for them....the experience of a lifetime. 

Life is definitely taking a whole new direction. I'm somewhat apprehensive, but looking forward to what is around the next turn.


I Pray You'll Be All Right

“Give all your worries to him, because He cares about you." I Peter 5:7

Hello, Good-bye
Bom dia, Boa noite
Sunrise, Sunset
Sometimes I bold face lie to my self. 
Monday morning, before the sun rises, and in the familiar performing arts parking lot, I tell myself that I will say good-bye to Melissa for her 2 and 1/2 week tour. In reality, I’m saying farewell to the dependent childhood era in my life. When she steps onto that bus that will whisk her away from childhood and give her the experience of a lifetime, I will surely try to be brave and stuff this hurt that has been gnawing away at my heart. Hopefully at some point this hideous empty feeling will grow dim and the joys of having all adult relationships with the children I birthed will outweigh these continual labor pains. 

Dear Lord,

The sun rises and sets in perfect motion. The seasons come and go and the trees obey your commands. The rivers continually flow to the sea. If a sparrow falls out of a tree you know and care. Even before they were formed in the womb you knew them. Surely you have already provided the safety, care, and concern, for your children that I so desperately seek every day. So I come to you now and am finally willing to bargain partner with you for the sake of my children. I’m going to claim your promises for my own, on behalf of this and all future separations. Psalm 55:22 says to give all my worries to you and you will take care of them. They’re yours. Psalm 56:3 says when I am afraid, I should trust in you, I am and I do. I certainly can’t be responsible for putting a guardian angel on every boat, plane, bus corner, and mini-van fender. I can not monitor every street corner, dorm/hotel room, and apartment building. The spans of home stays, cities, countries and continents is beyond my jurisdiction. My constant harping won’t keep all my children and tour participants making excellent and good choices for 2 & 1/2 weeks a lifetime. So God of all creation and designer of the universe, do your thing. Protect, guide, shepherd, and love. I am confident in you, because Isaiah 55:12 states that they will go out with joy and be led out in peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees in the fields will clap their hands. I can almost see the Amazon dancing and Corcovado Mountain singing already. Maio o Senhor bless o e mantem-no. Amen


Oh Boy

What a difference a day makes!!! Melissa got a summer job. The Heat went home. I am a great aunt, even though we already knew that, didn't we? Lloyd Aiden 8lbs. June 6, 2005 Congratulations Ang & Joel. Somebody better e-mail me a picture....soon! It just hit me...my sister is a grandmother.

How can one not believe? Dear God!


Recorded Events

History Not Recorded Is Soon Forgotten

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." ~ Ayn Rand

I'm going to actually use this journal for its intended purpose, to record the events of the day and my feelings towards them. Someday, someone might actually care about this.

I am always one to do what I say I'm going to do, so this morning I got Mark to start the mower for me and I attempt the yard. In phases. Man, either I'm way out of shape or that is hard work. Don't answer that. While I'm out there and dirty, I do some more yard work, big mistake. Just like housework, too much yard work can kill you.

I come in and have a heart attack on the couch and then a nice nap. While tending my burn pile I decide to do a little sunbathing. 2nd mistake. I come in to clean up and catch the Cubs win and the Belmont Stakes, (is horse racing the only sport where they don't sing the national anthem?) only to learn that President Reagan has died.

Now I don't want to open a can of worms here....I feel like anyone who governs us can and will make mistakes, but c'mon, George W. Bush has some of the same political actions and policies as Reagan had and he gets crucified for doing the same things. (Defending against aggressive, totalitarian, dictators who murder their own and his attempts to get government off our backs and out of our pockets.)

You convince me that John Kerry will make me feel safer and take less of my paycheck and I'll consider voting for Ralph Nadar. Ok then, that was my day and my soapbox.