This Is Us

Let me introduce you to Grandmas Getting Healthy.  Yet another blog along my journey.

But for today I give you this update.

I could write a book, and I still want to, but blog posts seem to be my journal of choice these days.

These days! Is it really March 1, 2017?

As you may or may not know, I love stories. Especially love stories.

So even though we're almost a month out past Valentine's day, and I still had a Merry Christmas header, Mark and I just finished up a spur of the moment trip to Disney World, hence the new header and 2017 title.

I think I fell in love all over again, with him and the mouse.

For a few winter months,we are blessed to be able to spend time in Florida. {Changing from "I" to "we" here for a bit}.

It's easy to lose focus on "we." The expectations run high and lofty at the beginning of marriage. We remember seeing our kids finding their soulmates and always wanting to spend time together. We prayed they would learn to make the choices involved in staying together.

Time happens. It's inevitable. The careers and children come along. Most of the time, "young married" life is spent in divide and conquer. Then the children begin to leave, the careers end, and roles get reversed. The business of parenting, making money, grandparenting, making and taking care of homes and relationships, makes it easy to land in the status quo of a marriage. Or worse, the living of separate lives. Together yet apart.

Sad to say, we landed there a time or two. Time to rethink, restore, and renew.. Of course, there are other people and relationships involved and their input is always welcome, but at the end of the day ... it's just us, working at making decisions for team Mark and Julee. We're basically, in the 3rd quarter of the game and it's time to start leaving it all out on the floor. Sometimes you just gotta shut up, dance, and lead by example.

We recently finished up a 4 day team convention at the Melia Hotel Celebration and Walt Disney World.  And speaking of, if one doesn't take their chill pills before entering, the happiest-place-on-earth can be just another day-at-the-office stress on everyone.

We  literally wanted to offer a parenting class on the monorail, an eating healthy seminar at Pecos Bills Cafe, and practical schooling of some college spring breakers on smiling and making good fashion choices.

All in all, we enjoyed every minute from the architecture to the animals, the resorts to the resting benches, and watching it all thru our rose colored bifocals. We can't wait to go back, but with kids and grandkids! 2019 or bust.  Do or do not, there is no try ~ Yoda

See you real soon.