Late Summer Antics

A Sailor Salute

A Boat Ride

A Bridal Show and 
A Birthday

 Two Grandparents Days

And A Baby Shower


Middle Summer Antics

Even tho this is a before and after ... I'm not sold on one being better than the other.

Before tower with the grandkids.

Before and after ice cream

Before and after bedroom
New windows to the world.
New theme: Sand Water Sky and Earth 

Before and after middle room ... again, not sure which one I like... totally joking here! (Kinda, love the memorabilia)

Before and after kids at their childhood schoolyard
Max's first trip to Pic-n-Pac (craft beer store)

Sunset anniversary cruise on the Madam Caroll Monticello
Before and after wood floors
Lake house color scheme
Happy birthday big guy!
Everyone lives in GR but us

Family is everything

Friends for life

Before and after Splash Pad bucket ... Remington

Still have the big bird yellow but at least the windows open