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To laugh with others is one of life's great pleasures ~ Frank Tyger

Dream On. We went to see the movie "Miracle" tonight at a sneak preview. It's about the 1984 USA Olympic hockey team. Even though I knew the outcome I found myself cheering for those ragamuffin kids who gave the USA a much-needed miracle some twenty years ago.

It made me want to cheer on my own kids and anyone reading this. Go for your dreams. It is never too late to follow your heart. Put yourselves in situations to realize miracles. Snatch every opportunity that comes your way. Make plans to succeed. And in the words from one of my favorite Oscar snubbed movies this year, "Never give up, never give up, never give up, never give up."

I have heard my kids and their crews say, do, and film things that make most SNL skits look like amateur night at the local Knights of Columbus hall. By the way, what is a Knight of Columbus? Are there Knights of other towns, like say Cincinnati? Do they ride horses? And joust? I don't know. Some things just strike me as stupid funny.

Dream on guys, keep writing, sing, sing, sing, dance, dream, imagine, capture it on film, audition, cut a CD, live, love, and then dream some more. I am going to say I knew you all some day.


Running Behind

The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship ~ Joseph Addison

I can't really remember when you crept into our lives and stole our hearts, but I am so delighted you did. You have been a true friend to Melissa in every sense of the word.

Webster's definition of friend is "A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts." In my dictionary, behind friend there are only two words...Mary Leist.

 I am positive Melissa's soul would not be complete if you were not in her life. Enjoy today and celebrate every day. I do not know what the future holds for you, Mary, but I hope you will always feel like sharing your life with us. (Like inviting us to all your plays, concerts, movie premiers, awards ceremonies, etc.) There is always an open door to our home, a spare bed upstairs, and a warm spot in our hearts. God bless you today and always. Love, Mom # 3


Running Behind

Go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will see further ~ Anonymous

Already running a little behind schedule on my New Year's Resolutions. Once again schlepping off to Chicago to see the hometown girl, in "Hairspray" has not helped with my "to do" list around here.

I am easily sidetracked. I either have adult A.D.D. or I am in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I can start out the day with a definite list of things to do and accomplish, and I can literally jump in the car and head to the mall. I don't even remember asking to be put on the waiting list for the choir trip to Chicago. But you can bet when they called with an opening a 1/2 day before the trip, I hopped on the bus without looking back. As far as weight loss and eating healthy, I'm sure I'll address this issue at some point this year; it's just not going to be in January.

But I am journaling. I am going to church. Oh, and as soon as Jennifer gets back from her 3rd trip to Europe and Melissa quits bugging me about Jamaica for spring break I WILL start saving for that romantic trip to Italy. (I might even let Mark come along) By the way, the trip to Chicago was two thumbs way up. I give "Hairspray" four stars and restaurant of the month has to be Ed Debevic's starring my very own Bennifer. Tomorrow I will start on my "to do" list.



Interior design jobs on the side! Yeah!
Finally back to some creative and inspirational thinking.

I always forget if that is left or right brain. But whatever it is, it sure feels good. Super busy at regular job. Trying to work as much as I can for Brazil points, so that means two hours at the scrip table tonight. Soon it will mean "Working".

Ordered some old Pop, Tree, and Allegro DVD's for my own library, which are finally ready to be picked up. After scrip I will walk the insanely boring H.S. halls for my drug of choice these days.

Then home to catch up on Lost, West Wing, Guys & Dolls, West Side Story, and Grease. Probably another scrapbooking marathon this week-end and I should cook the stupid UPS turkey before it gets freezer burnt.
Maybe I should pace myself.

I WANT an iBook with iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, iLife, iWorks, and a new digital camera. C'mon, a girl can dream can't she?



"And now let us welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been." Rainer Maria Rilke

Going to read through the whole Bible. Going to lose weight. Going to go on a walk 5 days a week. Going to organize this little house and have the mother of all garage sales in the spring. Not going to bed with dishes in the sink. Going to start saving for a European vacation. Going to treat people and my dog kindly. Going to eat healthy. Going to watch the sun set and rise once in a while. Not going to do anyone's laundry but my own. Going to master the TIVO remote and I will be hosting blog clinics in just a few short weeks.
Well, there you have it! How am I doing? So-So. I got sidetracked in Genesis 3 wondering what the heck God did before he created the earth. Seriously, he must have been a tad bored.
I have to walk at the high school because the health club $ is going towards the European vacation. I decided that I would take my walking to the next level and do a little jogging. I guess the old rule still applies...no running in the hallways.
Why is it so much easier to load the sink than the dishwasher? My dog thinks she has died and gone to heaven, but I could do a little better with the few irregular people in my life.
While crossing the float bridge, I soaked in a multi-colored sunset. Beautiful.
Now that they have to do their own, my laundry seems to get done right along with the rest. Bingo.
I HAVE mastered iblog, it's just that I am the only one that can read it right now. Soon I will post an address. I know I will.
I started to organize upstairs and work my way down to the basement. I turned Jen's room into my scrap booking, journaling, reading, get-a-way room. Everyone needs their space.


How Do You Measure A Year


I'm feeling the first ever pangs of writer's block. I had a post all ready to go on New Year's Eve so I could post right at midnight, but as I reread it, it seemed trite and juvenile.

What movie, book title, song would best describe my 2004?...

Five people I would like to meet in Heaven and scads of names I've grown weary of in the past year.

RWT (That's the cyber equivalent of me ripping paper out of my notebook, wadding it up and throwing it away.)

I also started a Julee version of what's hot and what's not. One of my favorites on that list was...What's hot = LiVeStRoNg bracelet/ What's not = Bling. RWT.

I even had silly predictions for 2005, one of which was...."that at least 4 out of my 5, 2004 resolutions would show up on my 2005 list." Sure enough. RWT.

So I tore that one up, and thought I would write the stereotypical Christmas letter filled with immodest and self-centered facts and happenings from my year. But truth be told my year has seemed to afford me such a roller-coaster of emotions, beliefs, struggles, victories, faith, and lack thereof that I couldn't bring myself to construe one. RTW.

Then I thought, I'll update my web page entitled Beniferissa, but I realized that if I said everything I wanted to say about them....they will, sooner rather than later, give me a hold-my-hallmark-tongue-gag-order. RTW.

And then, since it's been almost a year I thought I'd journal about my job and co-workers. But I had to RTW that one too, since the song that best described my year was....Alan Jackson's, "It's 5-o'clock Somewhere."

So for now, I'll sum up it up this way....2004= been there, done that!

LIVE from Julee's journal, it's 2005! Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to unsubscribe. Or just quit reading, your choice.