Vacations Clear Your Mind

You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again. ~ Bonnie Prudden

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I fear I have become addicted to nice weather. I moved from my insanely boring halls at the high school to outdoor walking. I will not go back there until I'm forced to in the winter.

Another quiet weekend slowly creeps into history. It's hard not to wish away the days until my Florida trip. Let me tell you a bit about Bradenton and the adventurous vacation that awaits myself, Melissa and Mary. I won't be able to post to this journal and I would hate to have you miss any of the excitement.

Wednesday night after Mary's softball game and coffee house auditions we will throw our shorts, t-shirts, and swim suits into the jeep and head to Chicago. Ben or Jennifer will drive us to Midway, so as not to have to pay for a week of parking, and we'll be off at around 11:00am Thursday.

Then the party gets started. We'll go to this little known beach on Anna Maria Island every day with our sunscreen, books, and cooler lunch. The evenings are reserved for shuffleboard with the locals and midnight swims in the trailer park pool. Grandpa and Gram will insist on endless games of Shang-hi, Mexican Train, and Golf (a card game not real golf). When we tire of luck-based games, we'll attempt to beat gram in scrabble.

If the weather does not cooperate we'll head to a huge flea market called the Red Barn, where the must-have is a bag of sugar popcorn. My daily walk consists of a few hundred times around the complex and I will lap the three-wheelers at least twice. Ohhhh the thrills and excitement of spring break. By now, the slow green fingers of jealousy must be already reaching your neck and chocking you with envy so I will sign off to pack.

See ya on the flip flop side.

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