Day Four

How could they hail him as King one week, and merciless crucify Him on Friday?

Spring forward fall back!

Slept in until 8, which was really 9. Melissa and Mary a few hours more. Grandpa and Gram head for church and my mind wanders again. (Thankfully, I've never lost my mind when it wanders!!)

The ripple effect of last night's reminiscing causes me to ponder the long reaching and everlasting consequences of a life lived for Christ, not self. All the twists and turns in my parents’ lives can only point to one thing ~ God was driving the car most of the time. They were compliantly riding shotgun. Grandpa obediently searched and questioned till he found the biblical answers he was looking for. Grandma packed up a suitcase and her parents put her on the train to Chicago. Because of her obedience she ended up rooming with grandpa's sister (Hi Aunt Evie!!) and working for the Gideon’s who have placed millions of bibles in the hands of students and hotel guests.

Oh sure, there will come a time in all our lives when we make wrong choices. God doesn't have a plan "A" only, and if you miss it, you're fired. Yes, you do have to pay the consequences, but after they're paid (or even during the payment plan) you can always toss the keys back over to Him.

I am always amazed and encouraged by the boundless and infinite love the Father has for his children. And I am forever grateful that my parents passed their legacy of truth down to me. It's more than a story; it's the gospel truth. It's a great train; you ought to get on it.

Well, by now, the church choir of birds has finally awakened Mary and Melissa and we discover that the busiest day at the beach will be today. We stay until Melissa gets a shade darker and Mary's pink starts to turn red. They are invited to the Mona Shores shrimp boil and I relax with the locals.

I pick a book from grandma's library. Titled, One Tuesday Morning, a novel about 9/11 and finding a loving God through disastrous circumstances.

M & M get dropped off around 11:00pm and the three of us lie on my bed and discuss eternity, friendships, school, and why vacations cause people to not be quite as annoying as in everyday life. We need to get some sleep; tomorrow is another day of sleeping late, lounging around, and driving to the beach.


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