Great Day To Be Alive

It's a goofy thing but I just gotta say
Hey! I'm doin' alright

Think I'll make me some homemade soup
Feelin' pretty good and that's the truth

It's neither drink nor drug induced
Naw, I'm just doin' alright ~ Travis Tritt       

Somehow, deep down, I knew change was in the air back in May when 2/3 of my family, with a mini van full of belongings, headed north for their great adventure.

There is nothing mystic or spiritual about the colorful teepees, the gutted Cargo C-130 plane, the original cabooses on their Michigan rails, or the Conestoga wagons pulled into their protective circle.

 There's no lofty or heavenly fog you pass through that turns you into a better person, just for having driven down Route 10 and entered the 700 or so acres that is called Springhill.

Just like attendance at church every Sunday does not guarantee a place in line at the pearly gates, attending Springhill, as camper, staff, or parent, cannot, in and of itself, change you. But it does. It has. And, hopefully for a long time to come, it will.

Yes, change is in the air. Even though it was the first time in 18 years we didn't have a camper there, the summer called "Roll Out" at Springhill has affected us all. Tomorrow, when the sun sets, Ben will have wrapped up six years of living, laughing, and loving it in Chicago. His new life will hopefully have challenges, medical benefits, and numerous visits from old friends. His full-time camp position will include directing, acting, creating, writing, and, of course, humor. He has given SH a two-year commitment, but somehow I don't feel like Chicago is permanently done in his mind.

Jennifer has always been one to collect friends, and this summer was no exception. Seems she has collected one very special wrangler named Pete. I do believe she has learned a lot about herself and God in the last 4 summers that she has called Springhill home, so it doesn't surprise me that Pete is about the nicest, cutest, god-fearing', Hoosier, firefighter she's ever met. Thanks to the keeper of the stars!

I guess that means Melissa wins the bronze when it comes to change this summer. Although, she IS somewhat excited for school to start, what??? She has decided to pursue her dreams by auditioning for "The Young Americans.”

Life is good. I feel undeserving, but in the words of David Seamands, "Grace is the unconditional love of God in Christ freely given to us, the undeserving, and the imperfect."

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