Just Say No

~ I'm so far behind; I think I'm in first place. ~ Unknown

Oh, so that's how it's going to go now. I'll have the opportunity to post to this journal about once a month, my memoirs maybe once a quarter, and my website about once a year!!! Everything else is going down the toilet, but I did get a Summer of '04 slide show on the web site and I'm working on my memoirs.

Did you know the word "NO" is a complete sentence? You can just say no. You don't have to add anything except maybe a thank-you behind it once in a while. "Mom, do you have some money I can borrow?" NO

 "Would you like desert, Julee?" No thank you! Just started to use "no" for myself and wouldn't ya know George W. comes to town, and so Melissa and I miss the opportunity of a lifetime to see the President of the United States. We did get to watch the transport plane carrying all the campaign buses; SUV's, etc. take off! Oh well, some of her friends that got to shake his hand aren't old enough to vote until '08.

 Because I forget sometimes to say no, I got to hang out in Chicago for a couple of days last weekend. Redecorated Jen's room, and had tea with Susan Branch at my sister's store, Stuff With Style, in E. Dundee.

Melissa and I are going back to the city on Saturday because I couldn't bring myself to say "no" to her and Jennifer seeing Lauryn Hill at the House of Blues.

Camping at Hoffmaster was relaxing (especially sleeping in my own bed) and a couple of earnest conversations always make time with family worthwhile.

The wash is piled high, the black and white kitchen floor resembles a gray shade of, oh, let me just be blunt...dirty. Prioritizing is last on my list, I could not say no to a hideous-summer-crude-flu-cold that came knocking, and I'm having trouble remembering the last time I fed my soul.

 Do I feel defeated? Do I get discouraged at my lack of accountability? Am I going to let the mundane creep in and set up camp? NO

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