Sept Morn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~ Albert Camus

Funny, the day feels of summer yet a sweet tinge of fall begins to spice my world, and I am absolutely freaking out that it's September, AGAIN. What's going on?

Reunion. Mark's uncle and aunt had one and we saw cousins with kids old enough to have their own and newborns that held hope for the family name.
Old friends! We went out to eat with Paul and Teresa (Mark's brother) and two other old friends. Why is life so hard and complicated for some? The next night Bill & Christy, another set of old friends...well, they're not old...Christy used to baby sit for us and then her and I had a daycare together one summer, called to say they were in town for a short visit. Amazing how you don't realize your kids are growing until you see their daughter for the first time in 7-8 years.

Football season, and all that encompasses...marching band shows, happy tailgate hour, and more old friends, has swung into high gear. It's been fun having Jen home for an extended vacation. I believe she is enjoying her time off. If you averaged out her 24/7 summer job, and a semester abroad, besides a spring break trip or two, and her nine-day trip back to Paris, she literally has been working full time since she graduated high school.

Today we welcome the Frey family to PJ Hoffmaster State Park. I am expecting gorgeous weather, PLEASE, ok, thank you. So, yeah...hard-core reminiscing, laughter, and reconnecting. I won't even mention that I have TIVO tuned to the Republican National Convention so I don't wreck a perfectly good post.
I am relieved to be done with my full-time stint at work. Looking forward to a friend-filled, Chicago-visiting, Indian-summer, and memory-making kinda autumn. Happy New Year to you all. Stop by.

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