October Road

The city
The sidewalks
The buildings
The trains, buses, limos, and cabs
The People
The Souls

~ The best thing that happened to me today was not having Arby's curly fries for like a year and then having some!

~ The worst thing that happened to me today was ordering a medium order of Arby's curly fries and having only 2 (two) of them actually be curly.

~ The Amazing Race is stellar TV

~ I think I'll stay home for a change this weekend.

~ Latest book: The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

~ P.S. Pete loved your stinking website and now he has
ammo to use against me.....namely a certain video
that has me lip-syncing Tom Jones in an ugly 7th grade
dress. Thanks :) Love, Jen

Well, I'm-a going back down, maybe one more time
Deep down home October road
And I might like to see that little friend of mine
That I left behind once upon a time
Let the sun run down right behind the hill
I know how to stand there still till the moon rise up
Right behind the pine, oh lord

Breakfast with girlfriends. I'm busy at work so no Friday off this week. Had a parking lot work party to schmooze with others in our building. Tailgate fundraiser for Little Lambs orphanage in Africa. Homecoming against Grand Haven. We're going down, but it should be a fun time, then to the Station with friends after game. When I flipped the calendar I'm reminded that this is the month I need to buy Singing Christmas Tree tickets. Whoa! The slippery slope has started. Wonder if it's too soon to dig out the village and Christmas CD's? We know the Bush agenda. I feel like Kerry is getting really good at saying he has a plan to do it better than Bush......I thought last night on the nationally televised debate would have been the perfect time to share it with us.

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