I'm off to see the Wizard ~ Dorothy Gale

Quote of the day ~ What goes around comes around.

Spiritual Insight ~ I should be more grateful.

Something I want to share ~ Tom Hanks is the most delightful celebrity I know (of).

Mom's choice of movie to see on Christmas Day ~ The Polar Express (no sneak previews kids).

Scrapbook update ~ 2004 = not even started
Melissa = 5th grade

Things I accomplished recently ~ Applesauce for the year in the freezer
Church service 6 weeks in a row

Choice of World Series winner ~ My loyalty to Midwest and NL instantly faded when the Red Sox had James Taylor sing the national anthem. I admit, I flip flopped.

Something funny that happened to me today ~ Being the considerate friend that I am, I called Kate to see if she wanted me to wait in line tomorrow morning at the arse crack of dawn for Singing Christmas Tree tickets and found out that I would have been cheering to think I was first in line, seeing as they don't go on sale until next Wednesday. Only to prove that my quote of the day rings true.

Things that should be outlawed ~ Blow-up Halloween yard decorations

Something that ticked me off today ~ The fact that Ashlee & Jessica Simpson have such a lack of talent.

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