How's that workin' for ya? ~ Dr. Phil

I'm going to go postal on Melissa shortly. What is so hard about keeping the kitchen sink clean? 3 people live here. We have a dishwasher. We were watching Dr. Phil the other day and she commented on how easy it would be to get kids to obey. Her philosophy is just to make them suffer the consequences and it lined up perfectly with the doctor.

I'm sitting there thinking....bingo...the next time she asks to go to a U of M football game, a Wynonna concert, Brazil, a movie with her friends, a Lauyrn Hill concert, Chili's, the mall, Gulf Shores, or to visit friends at college.....I'm just going to meander into the kitchen and if there's so much as a plastic spoon in the sink her little ___ is not going.

That's all.

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