W(y) ~ 4 More Years

W (ynonna)~~~~4 more years!!!

My away message tonight:  “At Wynonna concert with my two best girl friends.”

It was 1976 when I first fell in love with country music. I was working at the Remington Elementary School after graduating from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. The staff at the school used to tease Mrs. Girtz, the secretary, about her choice of radio stations, but I would secretly try to find excuses to do my paperwork in her office, to hopefully catch some strains of Kenny Rodgers, Alabama, The Oakridge Boys, Patsy Cline, or George Strait.

It would be six long years before I would hear of the Judd’s duo. I wondered, along with the rest of the country, which one was the mother and which was the daughter. Fast forward to March 3, 2000.....After plotting with Angela to surprise Jennifer with a Judd’s ticket for her 17th birthday....I felt compelled to get Melissa and myself to the "Power To Change Concert." I took the best seats remaining and we were on our way.

We knew from Ang and Jen that a portion of the concert was on a more intimate stage, which happened to be right in front of our section. Armed with this knowledge, we left our nosebleed seats and after fibbing to the security guard that Melissa was legally blind we found ourselves front and center for such intimate songs as Grandpa, River Of Time, Mama He's Crazy, and Have Mercy.

Fast forward again to October 17, 2004 and one happenin' Girls Night Out. Can't you almost hear us Rockin' With The Rhythm as we travel down Interstate 196? I once Had a Dream that with a Change Of Heart, in my Cadillac Red, or on a John Deere Tractor, I figured Why Not Me, and on a Lazy Country Evening as The River Rolls On....I finally found Love Is Alive and it can Build A Bridge.

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