Everywhere You Look

My hope for President Bush is that he will spend the remainder of his presidency doing the most important job of any president---keeping the United States, well, united. ~ Nathan Erickson

Oh yeah! The Snow Village is bustling, the piano trees are lit, and the manager scene is in its prominent place (on top of the TV) to remind us all season long of the true meaning of Christmas. 

The singing tree tickets are in rows G, and H. It was bittersweet to take my last pilgrimage to the 4:30am 10-limit parental tree ticket Mecca. Depending on the weather and relatives I might have a couple extra. And now, I will do all I can to keep from putting up the tree until Thanksgiving weekend. 

Melissa is participating in a 3-day workshop. After the performance tonight she will audition to join the YA's in Southern California early next fall. WHOA! Anybody feel free to jump in and stop that train at any time now. 

In my humble opinion, I think George W. is going to change a lot of minds when the history books are finally written. 

Let it snow!

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