Giving Thanks

To be in your children's memories tomorrow you have to be in their lives today. ~ Beverly Sills

I had quite the surreal Thanksgiving weekend. I was in and out of body quite a few times and even hovered above on occasion. I had flashback after flashback of times gone by and then before I could reel my mind back in I would be down the road in the future trying to scheme ways of working my legacy/personality into future families.

I want life to slow down. I remember when the kids were small I would forever be wishing away their lives. I anticipated every aspect of the timetable we call childhood. I think I saw a little smile. I wish that tooth would pop through. Oh, I think they just said mama! I can't wait till they start school. And then, when it all started to snowball I wanted to put bricks on their heads.

Change is good, I keep telling myself. You can't grow without change. Because of my quiet revelry of past memories, and with piqued anticipation of the future I have come to the conclusion that you can't slow life down.

This doesn't mean I have to live life in the fast lane, and so once again, I determine to: travel light (dump the baggage), enjoy the ride, (the joy is the journey) concentrate on the road (don't be stupid), check the rearview mirror occasionally (always aware of places I've been) follow the map (read the instruction Book) and stop and ask directions (pray).

Then and only then will I be fulfilling my purpose in life. And what is that, you ask? I have decided on a title for the book I will write and it just so happens to be my purpose in life: "Live" (with a short i). Subtitle: Four-letter Words To Teach Your Children. Ohh...you didn't ask? Sorry.

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