Look out.

Mark and I joined the culture club last night. I could only imagine, as we ambled past the horse drawn carriage and under the retro marquis, that Muskegon could come into it's own at any given moment.

The Historical Frauenthal Theatre is reminiscent of times gone by and I believe it rivals the few Chicago venues that I have frequented. I wish a knew of a land developer that would just give me free reign with the bordering properties. Put me in, I can throw strikes!

The West Shore Symphony was a good time especially since Melissa was singing with them.
The Friday night girls happy hour now has a life of it's own. More good times. I hope the other husbands don't bag anything between now and Mark's Christmas rush. I agree with Kate, it's cheaper than therapy.

Still, all in all, the highlights of my week include my own. A quick dinner with Melissa at Brann's. We couldn't resist the trivial pursuit cards at the table. Stick to playing cards, sweetie. A phone conversation in which I heard happy in Jennifer's voice. Ben moves into a "real" house in Evart, and Happy Birthday to Annie. Come over any time!

Other national and international happenings that caught my attention this week:
Mia Hamm said good bye to soccer, and hopefully the phrase, "you play like a girl."
And just because I like to say it, and because Jesus must have celebrated all the Jewish traditions, Happy Hanukkah.

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