The Boys Are Back

Melissa finally had a date on December 16. After 2 and 1/2 years the shackles were removed and let me just say to all my kids...keep smiling, through good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forevermore. So yeah, that's over and hopefully I will not have to listen to how she would have implemented her own orthodontic journey as compared to the dentist. Quick....leave home now, Melissa, while you're still a teenager and know everything. According to my week so far, there are two ways I don't appreciate getting yanked from my restful dreamworld. A.) Between gales of childish/ college age laughter wafting in from the living room oh....let's say....in intervals of... just fall asleep, laughter, fall back asleep....I finally awaken early Sunday morning to leisurely enjoy my coffee and the living room is filled with those same kids that couldn’t stop laughing in the wee hours.  And now they’re snoring.

And secondly, on my day-off Monday morning, Mark quietly sneaks out of the bedroom to see if Melissa's car needs brushing off, etc. Once again, in a just-fell-back-asleep interval, he barges back into bedroom with the dreaded, "We have a major water gushing sound in the basement that will probably involve both of us."
FOR SALE: Lovely six bedroom (if you count the living room and porch) one bathroom (if you don't count behind the garage...and you can't really anymore since the neighbors' kitchen window overlooks the former 2nd bathroom) quaint piece of _ _ _ _. Price reduced. Memories not included. If it wasn't for the fact that the plumber can get here between 10 and noon, I would....oh wait....I think I hear his hooves on the rooftop now.

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