Interior design jobs on the side! Yeah! Finally back to some creative and inspirational thinking.

I always forget if that is left or right brain. But whatever it is, it sure feels good. Super busy at regular job.

Trying to work as much as I can for Brazil points, so that means two hours at the scrip table tonight. Soon it will mean "Working".

Ordered some old Pop, Tree, and Allegro DVD's for my own library, which are finally ready to be picked up.

After scrip I will walk the insanely boring H.S. halls for my drug of choice these days. Then home to catch up on Lost, West Wing, Guys & Dolls, West Side Story, and Grease.

Probably another scrapbooking marathon this week-end and I should cook the stupid UPS turkey before it gets freezer burn. Maybe I should pace myself.

I WANT an iBook with iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, iLife, iWorks, and a new digital camera. C'mon, a girl can dream can't she?

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