If The Shoe Fits

If I could save time in a bottle ... I would have saved yestreday.

I promised myself that I would never use my blog to preach. I lied, of course, and now I speak in vague generalities. There comes a time in everyone's life when ya need to just take the plunge and fall in love with yourself AND YOUR LIFE. Not a narcissistic, prideful type of love, but a healthy, I-am-me-I-may-not-be-where-I'm-going-yet-but-I-am-growning-learning-and-loving-on-the-journey kind of love affair. One thermometer you can use to determine if you're on track to land at the happy place is; others in your life that are on the same trip. Don't. Look inward. The real test is do you like you. Do you like your job? Do you like what you do in your spare time? Do you like who you spend time with? Do you like you? When you honestly answer these questions and you come up with more no's than yes's, I would say it's time to change things up a bit. Funny thing is, though, the answers are not necessarily... get a new job, quit watching your favorite TV show, or even placing a personal ad for new friends. (Although some of those things might happen as you concentrate on the last question.) Do you like you, at the end of the day? Here's the key....and "your welcome" in advance because I know you'll all be eternally grateful that I cared enough to confront....GET A GRIP. And by that I mean, GROW UP, and by that I mean GET A LIFE, and by that I mean GROW A BACKBONE. And by all that I mean....switch jobs, start a new favorite pastime, go to school, don't go to school, screen your calls, don't worry so much about what people think, set boundaries, reclaim your space, and for heaven's sake before I have to go "Dr. Phil" on your ass, quit whining about what you don't like in your life and start living. Today would be good.

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