Sons A Beaches

I vote we go to the gulf of Mexico
You and me by the sea
Palm trees call me
Oh, that's the place I want to be
Down where the southern breezes blow
On the gulf of Mexico
Teddy Gentry

Bon voyage, Wiseman's and Melissa,

What an adventure Kate and Mark have gotten themselves into...or maybe I should just say Mark...traveling 17 hours to
Gulf Shores with 5 of the most opinionated, considerate, articulate, witty, entertaining, and humorous girls in the midwest as far as I'm concerned.

If one could title this vacation it would most likely come down to "The Girls of Gulf Shores" or "Shore Girls", or "Gulf" or "Girls" hopefully it doesn't turn into "The Girls Do Gulf Shores" or "What Happens in The Gulf Stays in Shores" ok, ok, I'm just making stuff up now to keep my insanely jealous streak from rearing it's ugly head!

Seriously, I pray that you have an awesome plus one, minus one family vacation. I hope it's all worth an extended blog entry when you get home. Here's to good times, renewed friendships, and refreshingly warm weather! Keep your eye on my baby! And, thank you!

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