The Lights Of The City

For those of you still reading, I'm going to Tarantino this entry for you. (As in Quentin, the movie writer that likes to tell the end of the story first)

Jennifer checks her caller id and her eyes light up brighter than any neon sign in sight.

Woke up late after the Wilke's Grand Canyon Adventure. We tried to find and call the Las Vegas KOA, but the cell phone reception was non existent. In fact, the night before, Tony had tried to call Jen to talk to him while sleepily driving to Indiana, but she kept losing the call. Made a big breakfast and then had a cleansing discussion on topics we could all use a little work on. We all listened and learned. By 1:30 (ok, so it was a long catharsis talk) we had the BW loaded and headed to Vegas. We wanted to come over the hill and see it at night so about an hour out we stopped at Chili's, B & N, Best Buy and Coldstone. We hit Vegas at dusk and it was just as we had seen in the movies. The KOA gets only 1-star because it was pure black top with no trees. We could see the strip from our campsight and so we headed down. Our excitement soon turned to dread as we entered probably the only strip of road in the country with that much electricity, gambling, prostitution and plain hell bent people looking to fill their God vacuums. The contrast between GC and LV was striking. We grew more and more disheartened and weary the further we went. Mainly a sadness overwhelmed me. The Billagio fountains perked me up a bit. A group of drunken well-dressed businessmen gave us a round of applause as they passed. Well, mainly they gave Jennifer and Melissa the ovation. We walked the whole strip, and not once but twice, Jennifer voiced her concern that even though she had left Tony several messages, she had not heard from him since he arrived in Indiana. And then, right in front of Paris Las Vegas, before we shell out the only $ we would spend on a cab ride, Jennifer's phone rings.

We dropped like flies into our air conditioned home and that's all I have to say about the 5th day.

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