After School Special

Loosen up. Everyone (especially the faculty) will take the pomp and circumstance very seriously. Go barefoot or sneak your iPod under your cap and gown. From here on out don’t take man-made rituals, yourself or anyone else to seriously. Fly.
Let it go.  It was what it was, and it’s never a good idea to bash and rehash, once you’re gone. Leave it all out on the floor. Forgive.
Turn it up. When your heart says sing, dance, cry, eat, pray, love... Do it!  Your heart will never say, “Earn more, collect stuff, or success makes you happy.”  Enjoy.
Move on.  If you get the chance get the heck outta dodge for a week, month, or even a year.  Go trekking in Europe, help the needy in Africa, or serve at a soup kitchen in the inner city.  Leaving the comforts of home will always remind you, you’re blessed. Serve.
Remember this. Life’s a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow, but always learn.  Learn from your mistakes. Admit when you’re wrong. Learn life’s lessons.
Don’t worry be happy. That cliche is free ;-) Happiness is not a right it’s a choice. Smile and wave.
Seize the day. I want to be around for the fireworks when somebody first says to you two, “Those were the best days of your lives!”  They weren’t.  Make today the best day of your lives. Carry on.
One more thing. Put God high on your priority list.  You’re at the top of His. Find yourself somebody to love---that can be read two ways!  Change your little corner of the world.  Love wins.
Whether it’s a job or college, whether in a red car or yellow truck, I’m excited to see the places you’ll go!
Congratulations Ashley & Austin!  I love you both.
God bless,
Aunt Julee

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