I Do

I thought it hit me when Chelsea and Derek began their first dance.  And it did.  Their happiness spilled out onto the dance floor and flowed through the tent.  It seeped across the lawn and slipped quietly along the river’s edge as their life journey began. Together.  
But it hit me again while tediously tabbing through photo after photo in the after-editing process, when I stumbled upon this.  Courtesy of Melissa & Spencer.
23 days into June my excuse has been the busyness of life, having not stopped to worship in as many days. Racing around, meeting schedules, worrying, doing, helping, harboring, striving in self.  
Every picture tells a story and this one will not shut up.
Moving river. 
We all have our pathway, our journey.  Who knows the way the river flows?  Who can determine the bends and rapid waters which give us reason to pause or send us hurtling ahead? 
Am I enjoying the path God has for me? Or do I want to set me own course then whine and complain until I get my way? Storms can be predicted, but they can’t be stopped.
Storms can not harm the soul anchored in faith’s harbor.
Taking communion.  
Two together. Marriage  is God’s plan. Not ours. He loves to see happy marriages, but he longs for a one on one reliance with Him, not the partner.  There’s a quote in my favorite movie Return To Me where Bob tells Grandpa, “I loved Elizabeth and I’ll always miss her, but my heart  yearns for Gracie.” Communion requires selflessness.  You can’t really be in complete communion and talk only of yourself.   Humanly speaking, I’m not sure it does, but communion with God demands worship.
Finding peace.  
Do you see God in the picture above?  Do you see God at work in your life? Do you believe? There is an amazing design in our wonderful world  (nature, marriage, laughter, tears, smooth sailing and powerful storms) there must be an awesome Designer. 
Step back and ask yourself  “Am I at peace?”  If, so,  “What or who is responsible for a “yes” answer to this question?” Then carry the question to the extreme, “If what/who is making me happy were taken away, would I still be at peace?”
Be honest with myself. 
Want to enjoy the rest of the journey? Want to be happy? Want to know a peace that passes all understanding? Want to harbor deep happiness even during the storm? Want to let go of bitterness, anger, and selfish pride?
I do.

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