Happy Anniversary Annie & Ben!
Blog post from August 25, 2006
Whoa! I’m having a hard time with this entry.  I’m still in somewhat of a daze.  I have so much to say, a village to thank, extreme emotions, and heartfelt moments that are still too tender to even begin to describe.  I’ll post this for starters, hopefully, soon the fog will clear and the memories will flow freely.  Ben and Annie, if the physical therapy and film stuff doesn’t work out you could always be wedding planners.  Trouble with that is you set the standard way too high, and it would take a miracle to pull off another one like that.  
Everything that happened was meant to happen.  I just wished it hadn’t happened so fast.  When can we come for dinner?

 As I slowly and painfully (even the flip flops hurt afterwards) walked back to my bunk at 12:30am Monday morning, I looked up at the catrillion stars in the Michigan sky and became completely overwhelmed by how much you all mean to us.  From the 4 & 1/2 hour trip that turned into 9, redoing my make-up and hair, to the welcome home brownies Gracie made us for LETTING her watch Sandy?  Thank you for making the sacrifices to support our family at this sacred and happy occasion on our journey.  Ben and Annie will thank you all personally, but I wanted you to know that in my book, the day wound not have been complete without you.

The Circle of Life.  Everyone talks about it, some people sing about it, there are films and books about it.  But no one can prepare you for how fast it goes.  So this toast is more of a warning.  Take the good with the bad, don’t let the sun go down on your wrath, may the road rise up to...blah, blah, blah!  When you guys come full circle and you’re giving the toast for your children ... 

...you’ll use this one:) It’ll be in the archives!  

Seriously, what I do pray for you is; when the time comes, you’ll harbor few regrets and just as many, if not more precious memories.  God bless you on your journey together.  Honor him, hold hands, cherish each other, hang on, it’s gonna go fast, have fun, call us, enjoy the ride and then...straight home.

At Last

Rehearsal over, sun was setting, baptism waters washed away
Flying down the giant zip lines, friends forever no cliché
When the sun rose o're the hill on that summer day, at last
Plans had all been set in motion and the waiting now had passed.

Handsome groom by the gazebo in his black and white costume
Something blue were the hydrangeas and their glorious perfume
Here comes the bride in lovely dress, ever gorgeous pretty smile
A log chapel in the pines then all eyes turned upon the aisle.

Shared communion, Triune worship and with  grateful prayers lifted
Candles danced, trumpet sounded and soon the mood had shifted
Let’s get this party started, tasty buffet and full dance floor
No-see-um bugs and soggy lawn; things we chose to just ignore.

Wagon limo, outdoor awning, hearth campfire, twinkling lights,
Friends and family clinked, then raised their glasses to new heights
Everyone caught up in the moment,  then asked if they could stay
Toasts brought tears and tons of laughter, at the camp along the way.

Two years have passed since your story started writing
Working hard, looking upward, souls forever keep uniting
Can you feel the love tonight? Review your strong foundation
Keep on dancing at the party of your wedding celebration.

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