Happy New Year!

Even though I haven't had a kid in school or college since 2005, September 1st still feels like New Year's Day to me.  Here's my 1st ever blog post from 9.1.03

In a mom's world, New Year's Day should be Sept 1st. Back to school, back to schedules, back to some sort of sane routine. This is all fine and good when you're dropping them off 1/2 mile down the road at the local elementary school. It has taken me so long to realize a life dream of mine (writing) I am dropping them in far off places like Paris and Chicago. Welcome to my world, pour yourself a cup of coffee, green tea, metamuciel, whatever you're drinking these days, and make fun of, enjoy, forward, or delete the musings of life with an everyday mom. 

Next up:    If A Tree Falls In Michigan ...  post.

Dear Hollywood,
When you make good movies I will go to them.

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