Charmed, I'm Sure

Just finished pimping out my mom and dad's florida trailer with "Their Story"  we're still looking for a couple of key items, but basically we've made the living room and porch a giant scrapbook of family and faces.

As I collect photos, sayings, songs, and verses to mix together in my year-end video recipe, I am overcome with God's goodness to me.  I most definitely lead a charmed and blessed life.  And yet, I've noticed and stated before on here ... "the storms shape us".  To God be the glory, whether smooth sailing or rough seas.

The Acts of the Apostles 12:5-18

God is primarily concerned with receiving glory from our lives. Perhaps the daunting circumstances you are facing are just a platform from which God desires to demonstrate a mighty miracle to an unbelieving world. The eyes of God are going to and fro throughout the earth looking for someone through whom He can show himself mighty. He wants to receive glory through your sickness. He wants to receive praise through your financial emergency. He wants to receive honor through your family situation. Call upon the Lord. Inquire of Him. Ask Him what He thinks and desires. Don’t deprive Him of the opportunity to be your “very present help in trouble.” Don’t lean on the arm of the flesh…don’t dig your own grave. ~ Daniel Kolenda

I'll take the storms, because I want my miracles.

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cityfarmer said...

blessed beyond words with this post!