Hokey Pete, we miss you guys.

Your parents are awesome at sending us photos and videos, sometimes almost as many as once or twice a day.

I'm not being ungrateful, but it's just not the same as hanging out with you in real time.

I already love your little personalities and how absolutely well-adjusted you are, whether it's out for dinner charming the wait staff or smiling and acting like Grandpa and I are all that and a bag of chips when we skype.

I was working on some wedding stuff for Aunt Melissa and Uncle Spencer the other day, and I became overwhelmed with the blessing of family.  By the way, do you know what you're wearing to the wedding, yet? Me neither.  I can't wait until the next time we're all together and I wanted you also to know I cherish each and every minute I get to hang out with you.

These are two of my favorite pictures of you guys, so far.  I love how  you adjust to being dressed up in clothes just for a photo shoot.  Lilly, I'm sorry grandma tried to grab a picture in my 1st birthday dress exactly at the same moment you would have rather just taken your nap.  Max, you can be thankful you'll never have to wear that itchy, stiff, pink dress.

Lilly, I love Elmo in the background and that your tutu matches the car. 

Max, I love how you went straight for the dirt and pinwheel seconds after the sit still moment.

I love how you both like the outdoors, playing, napping, eating and talking.

I love how you both love life.

So yeah, ring us up. Come over right away... and ask your mom and dad if this summer is too early to start our Grandma & Grandpa Wilke Adventure Camp?


Stephen Baird said...
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Stephen Baird said...

julee ann,
i am every bit amazed by the number coming to nikonsniper. i really don't hold back on the truth ... and truthfully some of the photos i have taken are good but many are just so-so.
i just love good photography anywhere and i knew you had ability both in this post ... as well as by seeing the photo you chose for your title on your blog!
proclaim it from the hilltops. God bless you and the number that He brings here.
nikonsniper steve