Dear Max and Lilly,

I wonder what your first memory will be.

I'm gonna do my best to make it Sept 22, 2012.

Sometimes I kinda get off track and lose sight of the important stuff.  Especially, six weeks out from your Aunt Lissa's wedding.

There's always something on the list to check off and somehow, someway, there remains the constant drone of seemingly endless tasks being added to the list.

You guys help me remember to breathe.  I watched you play today Max, and your cares were absolutely minimal.  You needed a little corner to push Thomas The Train around in a circle.  Exactly as you tired of Thomas and ran to the window to see a kitty or watch the birds, I received a text picutre of you, Lilly, asleep in your stroller. Another wise and precious reminder to stop and slow down. I did.

Your parents aren't going to like this, but I can't help myself.  Life is so short.  Seriously. Soon you'll be sitting around talking about the past.

Even if it's just a photograph which triggers your conversation, I hope you'll reminisce about the family farm wedding.

"Remember when Aunt Liss and Uncle Spence twirled us around on the dance floor?"

"Remember when our parents hit the dance floor?"

"Remember when grandma and grandpa slow danced?"

"Remember when our great-grandparents two-stepped?"

"Remember when grandma made us take all those pictures and we just wanted to chase kitties?"

"Remember when our parents let us stay up soooo much past our bedtime?"

"What were we wearing?"

"Remember when we could still hear the music, tucked in way upstairs?"

"Remember when ..."

You guys help me remember to live.

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Kate said...

Whatever there first memory turns out to be, I'm pretty certain it will be a happy one!