Water Into Wine Version 3.3

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When Spencer arrived at our doorstep in the fall of 2010, under the guise of bringing me a book to read, I knew we were in for a wonderful, emotional, unprecedented ride. The book he brought was AW Tozer's The Pursuit of God, and a simple request to date Melissa.  We joked with him, but he was dead serious.

Spencer was pursuing Melissa.

He courted her for her affection.

He took her on dates to pour out love on the needy, destitute and down-trodden.

He started conversations with her about seeing the manifest presence of God along this earthly journey.

He waited for her to return affection.

He prayed with her and for her.

He drove to Evart every week-end for over a year.

He wrote to her.

He called her.

He spoke kindly to her, even when she was frustrated and confused.

He wanted her.

After reading and rereading the book Spencer let me borrow that evening AND AW Tozer's God's Pursuit of Man, we watched as Spencer went full out to become Melissa's bridegroom.

It really is a testament to how God works, is it not?  

So let me say here, and then I feel strongly as if this blog is going to twist and turn a bit; 

Spencer, In my words to you on wedding day, I said "We're 3 for 3" and I spoke lightly of class clowns, college dropouts, and where y'all met.  But what I wanted to say, but could not for the fear of ugly crying is we feel completely and totally blessed by God for the mates our children chose. They are kind, funny, caring, loving, warm, accepting, and most of all pursing God themselves, dreaming dreams, and going about the works of the Father. 

Let me also say to Bob & Jodi and to the row which started with Table #2; Thank you for letting us marry into your family. Thank you for pouring into Spencer's life, walking alongside, keeping him accountable, and challenging him in so many ways. Thank you for your part in helping him become the man he is today. Thank you for the gift of Spencer in our lives, the most amazing soul mate Melissa could ever dream of, and a completely perfect fit in our family of ten.

And now to you both, 

You are now Team Spencer & Melissa! Oh, you're not alone, by any means, but you are off on your journey, together. You are following God in the ordained covenant of marriage. As the wind calmed and the spirit fell over the whole farm, you spoke the words that will bind you forever together in God's eyes.  You don't know for certain where your path may lead, but you know God's strength, grace, and the pursuit of his children will be your guide. And so it is for this reason,

"... a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Genesis 2 and Matthew 19
Photo credit: Kate Wiseman

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