Let's Go To The Movies

Today, I'm up in the attic, listening to Ray Charles' The Spirit Of Christmas so I thought you might like to join me.  

I'll be here all day posting old year (2012 & beyond) movies, so check back often.  I need space on my computer, so this may be the first and last time I'll offer these up before they are locked up in the Because I'm The Mom Productions vault.  

Pour yourself some Christmas cheer, pull up a dilapidated motor home and we'll share a memory or two. Merry Christmas if you stop here today.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

No semblance of order, so here's a bit of 2010. Gotta love Mary Mary!

Warning: 12 minutes .... but 2011 was a very big year!

Warning: Some happy, some sad tears, but here's the rest of 2010

Deep End Film Footage

This one's for you Dad!

This is the last video for you today.  I heard this song on the way home from ... well, actually, I can't tell you where I was coming home from.  This year is somewhat of a blur.  The days, including today, seem to fly by.  Sometimes I get up and begin to read, go online, film, edit or plan a wedding, throw in a load of wash, pay some bills, play with a grandchild, and before ya know it the shadows grow long.
The days come and go. The year is almost over. So the world didn't end on 12.21.12. It will end, and only what counts for Christ will last. I'm not sure where I'll be next year, but I've come to believe it matters not. 

I will do what is mine to do, for such a time as this.

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