Wake Up Call 1.2

Life, as I see it, has now changed.  No more dipsy doodling around. I am about to get to my Father's business.

No matter what the outcome of my circumstances. I believe I was created with a dream and a passion, as some of you know I've struggled with what that was.  Not anymore.

Everything I do should point back to Jesus.

First, I apologize, if I've gossiped about you, or puffed myself up to make what you're doing with your life seem less than what I'm doing with mine. If I've hurt you with words, stolen from you, misunderstood, or judged, I'm sorry. If I've neglected or abused your heart. If I thought more highly of myself then I should, I'm sorry. If I didn't support your spiritual dreams and passions, I'm sorry.

Whether God heals a lump or he uses the surgeon to get the little bugger, I'm changed.

I realize this blog doesn't have the following that some do, but I'm fixin' on Max, Lilly, & Company scrounging around, here. way off in the distant future, so bear with me. Here we go.

Often times when traveling, after checking in at a hotel front desk, the clerk would ask, "Do you need a wake-up call?"  (If you are reading here Max, Lilly, & Co, this was prior to cell phones with alarm clock apps or whatever you're using these days to communicate. The front desk clerk (real person) would ask you what time you wanted to get up, then they'd call the land line in your room to wake you. It was quite obnoxious with a heart-attack type ringer, but it worked.)

Boy I did! I was planning on a lot of things in my life.  Those lists are here and there and everywhere in the blogdom archives. But this morning I fell back asleep after rising early and I had this dream.

We (girlfriends, sisters, mostly women) were wondering around a beautiful conference center grounds, maybe a "Moody Week" or "Beauticontrol" conference was in session. I was talking with the girlfriends (some of whom have written books and spoken at women's retreats) and telling them of all my mistakes and how we weren't meant to live this way. Then suddenly the girlfriends were all gone and I was alone.  I stumbled upon a closed conference room door and heard someone say those exact words. "We weren't meant to live this way." As I drew closer and put my hear to the door, it was my voice behind the speaker. I opened the door a crack and sure enough, I woke up.

I'm going to be fine and it may only be through this blog, but I will not be quiet any longer.

Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on me,
Melt me, mold me, use me.
Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on me.

Do you need a wake-up call?

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Owen said...

That is a fascinating dream you described.