A Dozen Don't Care's

Now I know why, every time I went to hospital or dr. office in the last 5 months they gave me all my info (sometimes just a single sheet of instructions) in their sturdy, monogrammed, top of the line folders... It's so I would have a place to store all their bills, invoices, statements, insurance payments, and personal letters of encouragement and well wishes!*

While wading through tons and tons of medical paperwork my mind began to wander. I wondered what my life will be like in 10 years?  As I signed up for automatic withdrawal to pay medical bills, how much time I spend in front of a screen smacked me right across my common sense.

I came to the realization that most of what I read on the internet is pretty trivial. So after linking up with InstaFriday today, I'm gettin' off the web and will have my day to read, write, and may even do something wild and crazy like start a jigsaw puzzle with the Mr.

*I loved my physicians, nurses, staff, and I'm extremely grateful for my health, but the paperwork for just one boob is ridiculous ! ! !

Note to self:

Hey Julee,

Here is what you're not going to care about in 10 years. Head's up.

1.   Who won Survivor, Blood vs Water, The Amazing Race or the latest hockey game.
2.   What that silly argument was about
3.   Who did or didn't do Turbo Fire
4.   That "Selfie" was the word of the year
5.   99.9% of status updates on Facebook.
6.   The President's approval ratings or legacy
7.   Anyone else's Pinterest boards
8.   Who designed whose clothes
9.   Whether you live in the city or country
10. How much money is or isn't in your bank account
11. Why the Kardashians are famous
12. What states legalized gay marriage

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Owen said...

Suppose that the bottom falls out of the economy in 9 years because politicians refuse to stop spending my children's, your grandchildren's money. Suppose there is massive civil unrest, much chaos, and - unfortunately - a lot of death. Then will you care about the President's legacy in ten years?

Outside of what direct effect his actions will have on us and our neighbors (whom we are obligated to be concerned for) who would be concerned with the President's "legacy" in the first place?

Owen said...
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