Let's Review

I knew it.

It takes time and effort to tell stories.   Yesterday I had some Julee time.  Tried the Happy Gospel Center for church, then off to Sarasota to replenish at Whole Foods and a lunch on their promenade. I don'mean to be mean, but alone time is how I renew, refresh, and rethink things.

So, today you'll get a pic update and a movie clip which pretty much sums up our Christmas weekend, New Years, leaving Remington, and arriving Bradenton.

Verse of the day: John 8:36 "If the Son therefor shall set you free, you will be free indeed."  

Highlight of the week: Happy Hour with an old friend, albiet a skype hh.

Christmas Week-end

iPhone Christmas

New Years Eve
Leaving Remington
Degrees of separation
Sunshine State 
Sew it goes.

 God bless America! In honor of Martin Luther King Jr, I give you this clip and then I'm off to see "Selma"

Quote of the day:

Come visit, but just know, we have plans on Jan 29! Go Wings!
God bless you if you read here.

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