Fixer Up-her

Change is gonna come.

In more ways than one.

I've been working a lot lately.
Hours and hours of physical work. The kind of work that makes you anticipate a refreshing shower but you're almost too tired to take it.

It's a good kind of work.

And sometimes we even have fun while we're working!

Since early summer we've been working like it was our job.  And I thought we were retired!

We actually are caretakers for 5 properties. Count 'em, 5. We've been reclaiming our little Cape Cod in Muskegon. We are the primary caretakers for the two houses in Remington and two trailers in Bradenton.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm way beyond blessed, but houses take a ton of work and attention. 
The stuff we put into our houses robs us of time, money, and energy. 
The families that travel in and out of the houses we care for need tender loving care and clean sheets. The marriages  represented by our multi-state gallvanting need attention help, and a little advice thrown in, when we/they ask.
The generation traveling ahead of us is dependent on us to keep the internet up and political talks in balance.
The next generation that romps and roams among us need hugs and kisses.

So yeah, we've been sorta busy.  In a good way.

Change is gonna come.

I'm a strong believer in plain and simple.  All the above seems like too much clutter to me. Not the hugs but the houses!

I fell in love with the TV show "Fixer Upper" a while back. I binge watched all three seasons.  After the first couple of shows I felt like Chip and Joanna, did and said the same things over and over again.

"We'll tear out this carpet and refinish these lovely wood floors."
"We'll open up this kitchen and tear out all the walls that do not hold the house up."
"We'll put in a nice new mantel and, of course, some ship lap."

But as I watched them do their magic, I realized why I could watch show after show and not get tired of the repetition; it was because even tho they killed it every time, they never overkilled it.

Everything had a place and everything was in it's place.  You never saw a cluttered wall full of tchotchkes.
It was all so plain and simple. And plain and simple never bores me.  A cluttered life is/will slowly choke you.

Change is gonna come...

Don't know in what form it will come.  
An auction. 
For sale or rent sign. 
Senior Living. 
A move. 
A new motto. 
Not sure all the decisions will be the right ones, but trust me on this. 
You can't change by standing still so I will keep moving because...

Change is gonna come.

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Kate said...

I've never known you to take a mis-step. You always bloom where you are planted and whatever this change means, I've no doubt, you'll bloom. (in your simplified, wood floored pot)