God Bless America

This will be all I say about the 2016 Election:

And I will say it here because I've already blocked/restricted/defriended the disrespectful and blatant babbling off my newsfeed. Both Trump and Clinton friends and even family.

1. The popular vote is just over 1/2 a million difference. Gary Johnson received over 4 million votes... MY VOTE DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

2. A 2 party system... 2 choices ... really America? Get your shit together.

3. Here I am above, in front of the white house and the capitol building.  I chose red on purpose. I'm thinking about going green.

Here's the kind of Republican I was/am even tho I didn't vote R for president.
I was/am the kind of republican:
  • who doesn't believe in abortion, but I would never in a million years believe that there are "abortion lovers" out there. 
  • who would never vote on one issue
  • who does not live in fear
  • who believes that black lives matter and who has a staunch respect for police officers
  • who would invite refugees from any country into my home
  • who loves this planet and does my part to take care of it
  • who would photograph anyone's wedding
  • who thinks it is wonderful that a girl wearing a hijab is now a "cover girl" girl
  • who will still and always has used the bathrooms at Target
  • who believes our veterans deserve more
  • who thinks there is way too much government in our lives
  • who has some ideas and thoughts on social security overhauls and a flat tax
  • who has always referred to the current president as President Obama
  • who is extremely patriotic and stands up (sometimes even in my living room) when the National Anthem or the Hallelujah Chorus is played)
  • who cried when George and Barbara Bush walked down the stairs to leave the building
  • who has always had a great respect for President Bush W and, still to this day, believes that maybe there WERE WMD's but they somehow got moved before inspections
  • who strongly believes in government fiscal and social responsibility
  • who will always vote policy over personality
  • will call Mr. Trump ... President Trump ... and will NOT listen to anyone's disrespect of the office of president or first lady
  • will keep praying for the Obama family and will start praying for the Trump family

What does it mean when it says;
"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." Romans 13:1

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