Decisions Decisions

It matters not what team you are on, pick one, suit up, and jump in the game ~ That quote is mine and I’m not even going to charge you for that little pearl of wisdom.

Who even knows what teams are in the Superbowl? Tigers and lions and bears, oh my! I have lost all interest in major league sports, except for the Cubs (maybe this is THE year) and the Redwings (just another winning year). Michigan only has a tiny window of opportunity for bragging rights on their sports teams...I think it's late in July for a few days when the Lions are just getting ready for preseason and the Tigers have not mathematically eliminated themselves from the pennant race.

It's all about the almighty dollar. There's no loyalty to playing on the same team your whole career. I just watched the coin toss, and members from both teams are all hugging and patting the opponents on the rear end. C'mon! We know you are all going to get a boatload of $ and a ring the size of a buick while it costs us, the average fan, the same amount of money to attend a sporting event as players used to get for signing bonuses.

Whatever happened to Cinderella stories like "Hoosiers"?

Yup, I think I'm too far gone to rescue...unless of course Barry Sanders returns. Let's call that movie...The Return Of The King. Bring on the "Survivor" All-Stars.

What can I say about the half-time show? Just plain tacky, tasteless, crass, neanderthal, vulgar, raw, unrefined, talentless... so the adjectives are free, as well.

 Josh Groban has left the building.

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