Let The Sunshine In

I believe that children are our future!

Friday evening the sun set in spectacular fashion and not until around 6:30, so yeah, the days are getting longer.

Actually, the sun was my drug of choice all weekend. Crisp, clear, cold, and still lots of snow in case anyone wintering in Florida wants to know. Wanted to go to the basketball game, but wanted to stay home more.

Saturday we provided the Krispy Kremes and spent the day turning the high school stage into Cinderella’s hometown. This is going to be some show! Friday night will be the night most of the family shows up; so if you want tickets, let me know! I won't beg.

One of my new favorite things is diet coke in little half cans. Who thinks of these things? I also have a philosophy on why there is nothing to do in Muskegon. All the talented, humorous, creative, artsy, and fartsy people that are born and raised here feel the need to get the heck out the minute they hear the first chords of pomp and circumstance. That's all fine and good and I'd hate to be the one to discourage anyone from getting a college education, but in the words of Rose from The Titanic, (said in a hoarse whisper) "come baaaaack."

Come back and start a comedy club with improv classes and troupes. Come back and open a non-chain restaurant with festive outdoor seating. Come back and start a mom and pop specialty grocery store. Come back and open a diner with sassy waiters and waitresses. Surely some excellent instrumentalists from all those State champion bands would be interested in starting a blues club or playing some jazz. How about a little hole-in-the-wall flower shop with striped awnings? Come back and operate an art atelier that showcases up and coming new talent. Start a dance studio next to the theatre troupe and give ballroom dancing lessons and put on small productions at the existing venues. Then open another mom and pop restaurant with a dance floor that specializes in ambience and romantic, raspy, Nora Jones type nightclub acts. How about a pizza place that bakes pizza in hearth type ovens? Bistros, cafes, discotheques, cabarets, did I say comedy clubs? How about opening an authentic vintage clothing store or a retro furniture store? For that matter any kind of furniture would work well here. How does a recording studio with your own record label sound? How about: shoot (on location) a SNL type TV show that is actually funny? Or start up a small film production company. And then with all the plays, movies, and music stars, we would need a unique photography studio that could handle all the headshots.

So go... and then come back and bring your talents, gifts, and cherry county playhouse with you.

Break a leg.

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