And They Lived Happily Ever After

The reviews are in!!

I am totally amazed and blown away by the efforts and outcome of this small town high school production. What more can I do than toot my own horn here? It's better that, than swaggling any one else's horn.

After auditions back in October, an army of VOLUNTEER kids, parents, choir teacher and wife, accompanist, costume lady, set construction crew, stage manager, choir secretary, orchestra members, and many more too numerous to mention set out to pull this production together!

And what an astounding, awesome, spectacular, phenomenal, fabulous, extraordinary show it was. Ok, yes, I used my thesaurus for some of those adjectives. It is incredible to me that this type of accomplishment can be reached by high school students.

In my book, these exceptional results can only be obtained by having one supernatural director. She brought this show to life and breathed an attitude of camaraderie, family, and unity into these 40 students and created in them a sense of accomplishment and achievement they will remember the rest of their lives. I am truly thankful that Melissa got to be a part of all this.

And my warmest thanks to those of you that came to support her: Ben, Jennifer, Paul and Teresa, Jake, Christy, Jessica, Sue, Amanda, and Melissa, Kate, Mark, and Meg, Beth, Anne, Kathleen, and all the 2003 Allegro alumni!

Thanks again. I am, of course, working on a slide show that I will post to the web site soon. And to Molly....I don't think you'll ever know just how much inspiration you have given these kids, but then again, impossible things are happening every day. God bless.

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