Unemployed Lament

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time ~ Bertrand Russel

At the risk of repeating myself every month...March is now flying by. Is this happening to anyone else, or is it just me.

My first full week of unemployment was somewhat disconcerting. I shouldn't be so hard on myself...I cannot write a novel in a week. What's wrong with me? I have had, what I will call a withdrawal headache, for most of the week.

 I can accept that as a sign of stress. Good stress and bad stress must affect you physical body the same way. Just let me believe that for the time being. I sure as heck haven't missed the job.

Other members of the household, who shall remain nameless, have decided that I can now fry the bacon up in a pan, again. I feel like the majority of the week was spent on the couch or on the Cinderella set.

I have reacquainted myself with Regis, Kelly, Oprah, and Dr Phil. Love those guys, but there will come a day when I will be bored again with their endless banter. Not to say that some of it is not worthwhile, but I know all that already. I did pull my "writing" up out of the catacombs of Appleworks and reread all I had written so far. It lit a spark in me to delve into it again...and if felt right.

The dog has been on a literal crapfest all week and fortunately, for her sake, is winding down. I am "doing" one room a day from now until Cinderella opens. I started with Jennifer's upstairs room, since Mary is moving in with us for the week. (They sold their house and are living in Spring Lake, so she doesn't want to commute during the show).

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Tivo. I can watch my favorites...American Idol, Survivor, West Wing, and American Dreams on Saturday in about half the time. Thanks again, kids! Looking forward to having the whole family together again for the Saturday night dinner show. Break a leg, Melissa!

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