It's A Dog's Life

There is no motivational quote today. Period.

12pm - 5:30 Saturday: Set construction. C'mon why can't the coachmen just walk along side the dang pumpkin?
5:30pm Saturday: The news spreads like wild fire. All 5 choirs receive a #1 rating at district festival
5:35pm Saturday: Dog sh*** in our den.
5:40pm Saturday: Suddenly our Burger King take out doesn't sound that appetizing anymore
9:50pm Saturday: Mark walks dog and she does her regular business
1:30am Sunday: Unbeknownst to us dog sh*** again in den.
1:35am Sunday: Melissa and Mary try to sneak in without waking us, unfortunately Mary steps in sh**
2:00am Sunday: Everyone asleep.
Somewhere between the hours of
2 & 8am Sunday: Dog sh*** and pees in den.
8:30am Sunday: Mary leaves and to avoid stepping in sh** plods through the pee.
3:00pm Sunday: Mark and I enjoy Melissa's excellent festival concert at the lovely MSHS auditorium
4:30pm Sunday: We stop at D & W to do the weekly grocery shopping
4:45pm Sunday: Dog sh*** by back door and all four of our shoes manage to find it while unloading groceries
9:00am Monday: I call Pat Nolan, he can't get my dog back, but he can help me get some of my life back.

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