I Roam From Town To Town

Memories and important yesterdays, were once todays. Treasure and notice today. ~ Oscar Levent

I went in to work for a couple of hours to wrap up lose ends. Before I left I started some Swiss steak in the crock-pot. As I came in the door around noon the aroma was already decadent. Add to that, fresh green beans, cheesy potatoes, applesauce, and Hudsonville Moose Tracks Ice Cream for desert.

Did a little Internet surfing. Starting this September or next I would like to vacation for a month at a time. Mark wants to start by going out west. It sounds good to me...nature, mountains, and the Grand Canyon. My next choice would be New York.

My Internet surfing keeps taking me to foreign cities. In my favorites is a site that I got from goggling “quaint furnished Parisian apartments.” Using that as our base we would then see the lay of the land on exotic rail excursions, of course. My favorites in no particular order would be ~ London, England ~ Vienna, Austria ~ Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy ~ Paris, France ~ and anywhere in Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. Let's see that takes us to 2012. And of course I'd like to be a gourmet chef and learn to ballroom dance.

 My mind is racing with all this free time. Funny story....Melissa and Mary were trying to get the hood of Mary's car open to put in windshield wiper fluid at the high school parking lot. Their choir teacher and accompanist came out just as they were fiddling with the latch. Mr. Lawton's comment, "how many alto's does it take to raise the hood of a car?"

 Then Melissa and I watched the making of "The Passion." Mel Gibson is my new hero. Mark has always known that if we were to play "The Newlywed Game" and he was asked to name my favorite male movie star, unequivocally the answer was to be Tom Hanks. I'm rethinking that one.

Read a little more in my new book; A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. It's Haven's memoirs about growing up in the 60's and 70's in Mooreland, Indiana. She thinks heaven is going to be some kind of scratch and sniff smorgasbord. She'll first ask to smell the scent of their family's brand new teardrop shaped camper. Then she'll ask for her Grandpa's universal pick-up truck smell. And then a combination of Old Spice and unfiltered Lucky Strikes. The best she'll save for last, unleaded gasoline. She states that if she could have gotten her nose close enough to the nozzle at the corner service station (that's a gas station for those of you that didn't know) she would have sniffed unleaded gasoline until she was retarded. Some things just strike me funny. It's a great read. Maybe it's just because I'm from a smaller town in Indiana than Mooreland.

Dinner over and cleaned up. No more dishes in the sink for me. It was a good Monday.

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