Day Six And Seven

All good things must come to an end ...

Our last full day was about the most relaxing of all. We hung back at the trailer until later in the day. Used the pool, read, relaxed, and were just plain lazy.

Gram and Grandpa joined us for our last rendezvous at the beach. We shopped, walked the boardwalk, and decided to eat at the Beachouse to catch the sunset.

Met up and said our goodbyes to the Mona Shores families. The entertainment was a one-act musician that sang mostly typical songs.   Carolina, We're Coming To America, Fools Rush In, Annie's Song, Fire And Rain, American Pie--bye bye.

Grandpa got up and danced by himself to Boot Scootin Boogie.

Ran down to the beach to take a few last photos, I already have the title (and subtitle) for this year's scrapbook: Julee, Melissa, and Mary's Big Adventure/ Spring Break '98. Don't ask, it just sounds better than Spring Break '04.

The next morning we got up at 6am to head back to the beach once more. Melissa said it was to look for sand dollars, but I think she just wanted to say she went every day. No luck with the sand dollars, but the sunrise was like winning the lottery.

The minute we got back M & M fell back asleep and then we hung at the pool to soak up the last rays. We defy all odds and skip the sun block. Hard core.

Before we know it we're taxing down the runway. Thankfully we did not have to sit by the cheerleader girl and her teen-age wanna be mom. While eavesdropping on their conversation in the terminal, we learned this child's schedule from the day after her spring break until her 1st child was to be born. Why can't parents just let kids be kids? I would never interfere in my child's life, like that--I would use sneaky ways of control and come around through the back door with my control games.

 Besides life is too short to schedule everything. Another uneventful flight and within 15 minutes we have our luggage, pizza ordered, and heading back to Jennifer and Ben's apartment.

We catch up on American Idol, chat with Jen and my head starts to jerk back and forth like on the Paris flight. I hear my name being called over and over. Not until I finish my pizza, wash the sunless tanning lotion off my face, and tell all goodnight did I realize that is was Jen's bed calling my name. We sleep in on Thursday morning; take Jen out for breakfast, grab our winter coats and we are

 Homeward Bound.

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