Trailer For Sale Or Rent

The most relaxing, rewarding, refreshing, and calming vacation I've ever been on is making its way into my memory bank.

This quaint trailer park that I have called home for the last 6 days is in actuality a curious, out-of-the-way collection of eccentric characters from all over the U.S. They come from Canada and a rash of northern states.

They start out driving their mini-vans down for the winter. The telltale sign is the variety of license plates that claim: Hoosier State, Land of Lincoln, The Garden State.

Then their plates carry the universal sign for handicapped.

The bicycles that once had two wheels now have three.

They shuffle board together.

And once a week they potluck in the clubhouse. I went to that once and dubbed it "Dinner with the Characters."

They started out as snowbird couples. Now some come alone. Life is just that way.

The population at the trailer park won't change much in the next decade. The replacements will move in and take over. It will be a gradual change. It's called the circle of life and I don't like it that much.

Heaven must surely have 3 things, no 4, for me to call it home. Beaches, sunrises, sunsets and loved ones.

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