Two Things Are Certain

Hmmmmmmm for everyone's sake it's a good thing today is a nice day. I couldn't stand to pay taxes on a cold wintry like day in April.

Oh well, I got a truckload of other important things done today. Made plans for the weekend, did a little scrap booking...I should finish 2003 by tomorrow.

 Cooked a couple of meals, learned how and what to do for the stinkbug infestation upstairs....thank you google.

Ordered Melissa some music for POP GO THE SAILORS.

And I got started on the middle floor today. I’m cleaning, de-cluttering and sneezing in no particular order. I put some white lights, baskets, old tins, and greenery on top of my kitchen cabinets in 1997. I took it all down today. I've come to the conclusion that being a collector is only profiting one industry. Dust. I'm done. The only thing I'm collecting any more is memories. You can't take it with you.

So yeah, there's death and taxes. Lovely. At least, I still have menopause to look forward too. Hope you all had a nice day.

Let's go Red Wings.

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