Sweet Melissa

When did it all start to go south for you?

Well, well, now that she's a senior, I've decided I must go to work on her scrapbooks and video montage.

But before I can justify hibernating upstairs for a whole weekend I unclog the bathroom drain, pay all the bills, and clean the party porch. I'm even thinking of mowing the lawn since Mark has been in such a troubling state lately with work. He has run his 4th or 5th different route in as many days.

Hang on, retirement is just around the corner and you have 7 weeks off this summer!! Last night Melissa and I went for a walk on one of her study breaks. We got glimpses of an awesome sunset between the trees down the new subdivision road. So yeah, the Topo's/Mexican-Street-Party lights are up on the porch and the coolest kid in the world still has a whole year and half to live at home with me.

Heaven, I'm in heaven.

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