They are not long, the days of wine and roses. ~ E. Dawson
~ School of any kind should be over before Memorial Day and not resume until AFTER Labor Day!
~ Housework when done correctly CAN kill you!

Went and loitered at the beach for 2 & 1/2 hours waiting for the 2nd trip of the Lake Express on it's maiden voyage day. Ne'er a sighting.

It's never a waste of time to go to the beach. Shoot though, I wanted to see it. Why do transportation methods intrigue me? Is it the lure of being taken away from the temporal? Or this place I call home? I don't believe so. I hope not, but I could just as easily jump on a fast boat to Milwaukee, as I could not.

Something is calling me. And yet something is holding me back. Anyway, for now, I will let my imagination travel. But I've never been to Milwaukee. I WILL HAVE to travel, by train, to New York for an extended stay to finish my novel. It is necessary research. Just a head's up.

Besides the never-ending tornado warnings, we did have a lovely weekend at the family farm. More hospitality without grumbling.

Ang and Joel were there and they are always a bundle of creativity, humor and inspiring energy to be around. Ang designed a back yard sanctuary including bistro table, flagstone pathways, lattice, arbors, and fast growing juniper trees (to block out neighbors). Of course, I will add white lights and a fire pit for long lazy summer evenings of nothing.

It was a bit strange to be at grandmas without kids in tow. The apartment dwellers, (Jake, Christie, and Tom) are safely tucked away on Winona Ave. Jen has called once from camp and reaffirmed in her mind and mine: when summer comes, she belongs at Springhill. I believe all will have a summer to remember and hopefully Melissa's will include some kind of job.

I must do the mundane now. The bathtub is clogged with something Drano doesn't recognize and that can't be good. Plumbing emergencies can bring you back to reality in a nano second.

And where the heck IS summer anyway?

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