How Do You Measure A Year?


 I'm feeling the first ever pangs of writer's block. I had a post all ready to go on New Year's Eve so I could post right at midnight, but as I reread it, it seemed trite and juvenile. What movie, book title, song would best describe my 2004?...

Five people I would like to meet in Heaven and scads of names I've grown weary of in the past year. RWT (That's the cyber equivalent of me ripping paper out of my notebook, wadding it up and throwing it away.)

I also started a Julee version of what's hot and what's not. One of my favorites on that list was...What's hot = LiVeStRoNg bracelet/ What's not = Bling. RWT.

I even had silly predictions for 2005, one of which was...."that at least 4 out of my 5, 2004 resolutions would show up on my 2005 list." Sure enough. RWT.

So I tore that one up, and thought I would write the stereotypical Christmas letter filled with immodest and self-centered facts and happenings from my year. But truth be told my year has seemed to afford me such a roller-coaster of emotions, beliefs, struggles, victories, faith, and lack thereof that I couldn't bring myself to construe one. RTW.

 Then I thought, I'll update my web page entitled Beniferissa, but I realized that if I said everything I wanted to say about them....they will, sooner rather than later, give me a hold-my-hallmark-tongue-gag-order. RTW.

And then, since it's been almost a year I thought I'd journal about my job and co-workers. But I had to RTW that one too, since the song that best described my year was....Alan Jackson's, "It's 5-o'clock Somewhere."

So for now, I'll sum up it up this way....2004= been there, done that! LIVE from Julee's journal, it's 2005! Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to unsubscribe. Or just quit reading, your choice.

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